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We only use Taylor testing products, as a leading manufacturer of products for analyzing water chemistry. Whether industrial, commercial, or residential applications—Taylor is committed to providing the highest-quality products.

At Calaveras Pool Service & Landscape LMS LLC, we offer a range of services to meet the needs of pool & spa owners. From Water testing, Chemical balancing, Debris/Skimming  Removal, Power Vacuuming, Brushing, Equipment Inspections. To keep your systems clean and safe. In addition, we provide repair services and upgrades for Pool & Spa equipment such as Pumps, Filters, Heaters, Panels, UV & Ozone Systems and Automation Systems. 

 Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Airbnb's, Property Manangement

Our model for maintaining the water to a perfect balance is achieved by using The Langelier Saturation Index (LSI), which is  a cornerstone of the Orenda program. The LSI is the unbiased measurement of water balance, as defined by calcium carbonate saturation. It determines if our water is aggressive/corrosive (low LSI), balanced, or scale-forming (high LSI).  This is a requirement outlined by the Model Aquatic Health Code. (MAHC)


First communications is a priority to ensure clear understanding and transparency. We utilize email software to communication our service visits, ensuring your in the know when we are on property. We prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional service and exceeding expectations. We constantly strive for improvement through ongoing training and staying updated with industry advancements. We maintain integrity, honesty, and professionalism in all aspects of our business. We build long-lasting relationships with our customers based on trust and reliability. We take pride in our workmanship and attention to detail. 

We will try to refer you to another service professional if we cannot help.   Contact us today to see if we are a fit and  experience our exceptional service and let us take care of all your Pool or Spa needs.


Tel: 209.754.4925 VM/TEXT/EMAIL



Business Hours:

Mon-Fri: 7:00 AM -5:00PM

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